Sites hosted on Anselm's server

You've reached this page because you tried to access a web site that seems to be on this server but really isn't. This may be a configuration problem on this server, so if you get here and don't have an obvious typo in your URL then please do contact me so I can look into this.

Strathspey and related sites

These web sites contain information on SCD in general, as well as individual SCD groups.
The Strathspey Server
my.strathspey (social networking site, dance database, and user sites)
SCD Kaleidoscope 1 (2009 SCD conference near Geneva)
Frankfurt SCD Club
RSCDS Vienna Branch

Anselm's Own Sites

These web sites contain miscellaneous stuff that I like to share.
Anselm's personal web site
Anselm's free software projects

RSCDS-related Sites

I'm operating these sites on behalf of the RSCDS; they will eventually move to an RSCDS server.
RSCDS Document Management System (access by appointment only)
RSCDS Dance Evaluation System (access by appointment only)